Thursday, October 10th at 10am PDT / 1pm EDT

Machine Learning (ML) isn’t just a buzzword anymore — it’s affecting how we communicate, shop, live and respond to critical IT incidents.

While some IT and engineering leaders are concerned that implementing ML in their incident response processes will render their employees obsolete, others simply don’t trust a machine to automate sensitive work.

However, when implemented correctly, we believe ML can enhance — not replace — the work your teams are already doing, without requiring much or any effort on your part.

To learn how, join us for a live webinar with the VictorOps Head of Data Science and resident Machine Learning expert, Will Stanton. We’ll focus on:

  • Demystifying AI, Machine Learning and AIOps: Definitions, anecdotes and fun facts to help you understand the technologies shaping the future of engineering and IT

  • The meaning of “human-centered” ML: How VictorOps delivers insights to the end user exactly when and where they need it — all while keeping them in complete control

  • What makes ML work well: Ideal use cases for getting started with Machine Learning in incident response, effortlessly

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